Sunday, February 8, 2009

SCEA 5.0 - Exam Questions - 2

Few more Questions for SCEA 5.0:

6. You are architecting an online ordering application with these requirements: Users access the system over the Internet using HTML. An email message is sent to the user confirming the order.
Users must log in and are validated using LDAP. The product catalog is stored in a relationaldatabase. All orders are logged to the internal fulfillment system. Orders must not be lost.

WhichJava EE technology should be used to send orders to the fulfillment system?


7.An online sporting goods store's web application uses HTTPSession to store shopping carts.When the application is initially deployed, the business plan predicts only a few customers willaccess the site. Over time, the store projects a steady increase in volume. The deployment plancalls for a single web container in the initial deployment. As demand increases, the plan calls formultiple web containers on separate hardware with clustered HTTPSession objects. Which twoprinciples will help the application meet the requirements and optimize performance? (Choosetwo.)

A.The application should store as much as possible in HTTPSession objects.
B.The application should NOT make frequent updates to HTTPSession objects.
C.The application should make coarsegrainedupdates to HTTPSession objects.
D.The application should create new HTTPSession objects instead of updating existing objects.

Correct:B C

8.You are writing a utility that searches for existing web services provided by large companiesthrough UDDI. Your web site allows the user to input search criteria using eventdriven,statemanagedGUI screens, performs the search, and displays them in a formatted HTML page.Which technologies would you use for this application?



9.A company has a web service that provides the most recent price for stocks, mutual funds, andcommodities. The company has the only web service that allows a person to check prices on allthree financial assets with one call. Its system does not store this information but sends individualcalls to each of the primary vendors for an asset and then aggregates the response to therequester. The company has committed to support a nonfunctionalrequirement (NFR) forperformance that states it must process all requests within three seconds and each of the threevendors is obligated to support the NFR as dictated by the company.

Where, in the message flow,is it appropriate to measure whether all the NFRs are met?
A.when a request is received and a response is sent to the requester
B.when a request is received, first call to vendor, last response from vendors, response is sent to arequester
C.when a requester sends a request, the request is received, each call to vendor, each response fromvendor, requester receives response
D.when a request is received, each call to vendor, each response from a vendor, a response is sent to arequester


10.A Java web component, EJB component, or another web service can be a client to a webservice. Which Java API can the client use to access the web service through a Service EndpointInterface?



11.Which three are parts of a SOAP message? (Choose three.)

A.SOAP body
B.SOAP endpoint
C.SOAP headers
D.SOAP handlers
E.SOAP attachments

Correct:A C E

12.You are integrating with a single legacy Enterprise Information System. You are interested inthe transaction management capabilities of the Java Connector Architecture. This new systemneeds the capability to invoke multiple operations against this single legacy system. Theseoperations succeed together or fail together as a group. To which minimum level of transactionmanagement are you going to set your resource adapter?

A.No transaction
B.Local transaction
C.Distributed transaction
D.Container Managed transaction


13.What is an advantage of XML over HTTP, as compared to SOAP over HTTP, for web services?

A.guaranteed delivery
B.more security options
C.smaller message size
D.strongly typed parameters


14.An application needs to invoke a service on a remote system over a low latency connection,and then wait for a response. Which two are best for this type of invocation? (Choose two.)

A.JMS topic
B.JMS queue
D.synchronous web service
E.asynchronous web service

Correct:C D

15.Your new architecture needs to access the business logic of an Enterprise Information Solution(EIS). What are three benefits of using the Java Connector Architecture to connect to EIS insteadof implementing a proprietary solution? (Choose three.)
C.loose coupling
D.connection pooling
E.Common Client Interface

Correct:A D E

16.Your web application requires access to several different services, so you created a ServiceLocator class to be used by the UI developers on the team. New services with different interfacesare occasionally added. Unfortunately, the caching benefits of the Service Locator class are NOTbeing realized because a new instance of this class is being created in every backing beanmethod that requires a service.

Which pattern should you apply to eliminate this problem?
D.Factory Method
E.Business Delegate


17.What are two benefits of using the Value List Handler pattern? (Choose two.)

A.improves network performance
B.facilitates exposing existing services
C.provides an alternative to potentially inefficient EJB finders
D.facilitates postprocessingacross heterogeneous requests
E.provides a mechanism to support shared elements of composite views

Correct:A C

18.What are two capabilities of the Abstract Factory pattern? (Choose two.)

A.creates wholeparthierarchies
B.creates families of related objects
C.enforces dependencies between concrete classes
D.specifies the types of objects to create using a sample instance
E.separates the construction of a complex object from its representation

Correct:B C

19.A teenage fashion web site, includes a set of pages for displaying and browsing their catalog,as well as pages for making fashion suggestions that also display tables of catalog entries.Currently, the JSP code uses scriptlets that perform database SELECT statements and format theresults in HTML tables. You have been hired to help reduce the maintenance overhead when eitherthe look is modified or the database schema changes.

Which two patterns, used together, do youapply to reduce this maintenance overhead? (Choose two.)
A.View Helper
B.Front Controller
C.Composite View
D.Data Access Object

Correct:A D

20.A new security feature has been requested for an existing web application with the followingrequirements: All requests must be logged to a secure database. Each request must betimestampedwith the start and completion times. Each request must contain the IP address ofthe client that made the request.

Which pattern is most applicable for this new feature?A.Strategy
B.Front Controller
C.Abstract Factory
D.Intercepting Filter
E.Model View Controller


21.Which two are benefits of using the Intercepting Filter pattern? (Choose two.)

A.allows the recombination of filters
B.provides efficient data sharing between filters
C.facilitates creating a generic command interface
D.facilitates common processing across heterogeneous requests
E.helps to minimize coupling between the presentation and business tiers

Correct:A D

22.You are building a subsystem that has several complex components, but you want to hide thatcomplexity from the client code.

Which pattern can you apply to hide this complexity?A.Proxy


23.Some media players use a virtual proxy for image loading.

What is the benefit of using a virtualproxy?
A.It controls access to the original object.
B.It defers creation of expensive objects until necessary.
C.It provides a local representation for an object in a different address space.
D.It is a replacement for a bare pointer that performs additional actions when an object is accessed.


24.Your company's web site is supported with a cluster of loadbalancedweb servers and adatabase server. To reduce expenses, your company must replace your current cluster of webservers with a single web server. All servers under consideration have the same specification.

Which three items will be negatively impacted by this rearchitecture?(Choose three.)

Correct:B C D

25.A company manufactures widgets for sale to distributors. Distributors call this company when they want to order more widgets. The company wants the distributors to send orders using XML documents over the Internet to reduce the number of data entry personnel needed. It has no control over the distributor's technologies. The company does not want the orders to impact the performance of the other users. You have been assigned the task of designing the new API.

Which approach do you take? the API as a JMS queue the API as an RMI interface the API as a synchronous web service the API as an asynchronous web service


26.You have been tasked with improving the availability of an existing threetierapplication. Whatis your first step in evaluating what changes should be made to the architecture to achieve thegoal?

A.monitor network traffic between tiers
B.separate presentation from business logic
C.identify and document all single points of failure
D.cluster the presentation tier without session replication


27.Which nonfunctionalrequirement is a disadvantage for a twotierarchitecture?


28.A travel company is designing an application to allow customers to browse for information onany flights operating domestically and to place new reservations on any of those flights. Thecompany makes the following assumptions: significant read volume, in terms of operations thecustomers will perform significant overlap, in the search criteria of customers simple processingof each customer browse/update request .

What advice can you give this company?
A.use a twotierarchitecture (rich client directly accessing the database) because running copies of thebusiness logic in each client provides significant advantages in terms of processing time per request
B.use a threetierarchitecture (thin client >application server >database) because executing businesslogic remotely on a central location results in better performance per request
C.use a threetierarchitecture (thin client >application server >database) because the shared businessserver allows them to cache information with high likelihood of cache hits, which reduces the load on thedatabase
D.use a twotierarchitecture (rich client directly accessing the database) because each client can operateon its own business objects, independently of others, which provides significant advantages from reducedlatency due to synchronization


29.A company provides call center support for corporations worldwide.Each agent in the callcenter can be assigned to multiple call center customers. All of the company's customers useWindowsbased user interfaces and it has just signed a new customer that uses a Java EEbackend and wants a rich interface. The company is developing a user interface for the newcustomer with the following requirements: Customer service representatives (CSRs) must be ableto work with minimal training on the application. CSRs must be able to switch between call centersystems quickly. Screens must have a Windows "look and feel." 2000 agents spread across fourlocations must be able to use the system.

What advice would you give this company on the userinterface (UI)?
A.write the UI using JSP and JSTL
B.write the UI using JSPs with embedded scriptlets
C.write the UI using Ajax, accessing servlets directly
D.write the UI using Java Swing and distribute using JNLP


30.A travel company decides to rearchitecttheir twotierapplication (where each client ran itsown copy of the application against a shared database) and hires you as their lead architect. Yousuggest they rearchitecttheir application as a browserbased,threetiersolution: presentation,business logic, and persistence. You also suggest they deploy each of the three tiers on its owncomputer.

Why is the three tier solution more scalable than the twotiersolution?
A.Every client runs its own GUI application. Clients do not compete for resources for presentationpurposes.
B.Clients share the same business logic tier. Clientspecificobjects can be stored centrally, optimizingaccess.
C.Every client shares the same business logic tier. Each client competes with each other for resources onthat JVM.
D.Clients share the same business logic tier. Duplicate effort can be avoided by sharing objects, reducingthe load on the database.