Monday, February 9, 2009

SCEA1.5 - My Experience

Hi I have attended SCEA5.0 recently, I'm updating all the information from my experience and posted the material that I have prepared as part of my preparation.
It consists of all the questions on new technologies and new versions exactly to say J2EE 1.5 technologies.
Below are the types of questions that I have faced:
Which one to use JSF , JSP, Servlets
Which one to use JPA, JDO or JDBC
Which one to use EJB3.0 or older
Which one to use web services, SOA, session beans, JMS
Security questions from JAAS
Desing Patterns

The below topics are mandatory to prepare:
Web Services (JAX-WS, JAX-RPS)
XML binding JAXB,(i think SaTX)
GOf Desgin patterns
J2EE design patterns
JSF etc.,

Here is the tutorial for which sun is covering the exam

These are few questions from SCEA 1.5 exam (that i found on the net and repeated in the exam):
1.What are the three primary roles in a web service interaction? (Choose three.)
Correct:A C E

2.A stock trading company is writing a new application for stock market forecasting. A significantportion of the work required by the business logic involves navigating through the persistentobject model. As lead architect on this project, you have chosen JPA over EJB2 entity beans toimplement these persistent objects. You have done this to maximize performance whennavigating through the model. Why does JPA offer better performance for this task?
A.JPA guarantees referential integrity at the object level.
B.JPA allows the application to specify lazy or eager retrievals.
C.JPA simplifies the source code that implements the object model.
D.The guaranteed referential integrity in EJB2 entity beans is expensive.

3.A developer creates a Java web service to be used by consumers in an SOA. This SOA uses aUDDI service registry. How can the developer make the new service available to consumers?A.deploy to the registry using JAXR
B.publish to the registry using JAXR
C.query the registry using JAXRPC the registry using JAXRPC

4.With the release of a new product line, there has been a significant increase in the volume oftransactions on your web site. You need to scale your application and manage session failover.What is the best option for scalability?
A.add additional web servers and application servers
B.introduce a High Availability pair and utilize sticky sessions
C.add additional application servers and implement DNS round robin
D.add additional application servers and use clustered HttpSession

5.You are asked to architect an SOA solution that leverages Java web services. The architectureneeds to be flexible and allow for the SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, and REST implementations. Which JavaEE technology should you use?

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